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Welcome to Preston Tram Power

Preston became a city in 2002. Most European cities enjoy the benefit of tramways to get around fast and congestion free. Now Tram Power is bringing trams to the people of Preston. As one of the most convenient methods of travelling, the City Class trams of Tram Power will help ease congestion and parking problems currently experienced in Preston.

The Guild Line is the first of a proposed four-line network, which will connect many key parts of the city with Park & Ride stations outside the city centre. It will also connect many areas of the city to the railway station, retail parks, hospitals, football stadium and the University.

The Guild Line team is working with Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council to deliver an integrated project that improves the environment and status of the city. The aim is to have the Guild Line open in 2012. This is the next Preston Guild Year, and the first since Preston was made a city in 2002.

Powered by renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar power, the trams are environmentally friendly, and even with a full capacity of 200 passengers, the tram will use less energy and be as quiet as a family car.

The Preston tram network will also enhance existing cycle routes and pathways, encouraging cleaner and greener transportation in Preston.

The first step of the Preston Tram Power scheme will take place in early 2011, where a demonstration track will run from the West View Leisure Centre. Preston Tram Power will be inviting schools, local businesses and residents, who will all be able to experience the benefits of the tram network and learn how trams operate by taking a ride on the demonstrator line.

Invest in The GUILD TRAM

Invest in the GUILD Tram and help start a revolution, by improving Preston from the ground upwards.  Help reduce congestion,  that strangles the city twice a day. If traffic frustrates you, pollution kills about 100 people a year in Preston, compared to less than 5 in road crashes. Closed railway lines have been reopened by ordinary people, chipping in small sums,  to lay tracks, restore carriages and run trains. If they can do it, so can we. Preston residents can invest as little as £100 to get the ball rolling.

Trams benefit everyone.  Your social investment will help build the GUILD Line. This will be a fast and frequent tram service. Trams are easy to get on and off, even in a wheelchair. Your subscription will get the new tramway completed between Redscar and the City Centre. Trams will run every 6 minutes most of the day, and take less than 15 minutes for the whole journey. The Longridge footpath and cycleway will be retained and improved. Quiet electric trams will run safely on new tracks laid beside the path, as in other cities.

Be part of the GUILD tram revolution by down loading the offer document. Click HERE. People living in Preston (PR post code) are especially invited to invest at least £100.  All financial returns depend on the number of passengers carried and the trading position of the operating company. We expect to pay modest dividends on shares issued of about 2% pa initially. This could rise to over 10% pa, when our forecast patronage is achieved. The shares offered are full risk shares. Do not invest funds you cannot afford to be without.

Comments In support of the scheme:

Preston Vision is supportive of any proposals which have sustainable integrated transport solutions at their heart. There is clearly potential to better link the people of Preston to their current place of work or potential employment opportunities through provision of appropriate transport connections and in so doing, reduce the level of carbon emissions through reduced car and other vehicle usage."

"In addition to the functional and environmental benefits, there will be economic benefits in terms of jobs created through the operation of the transport system and in the manufacture of the vehicles. The installation of a tram system in a city like Preston will also be hugely positive in terms of the city’s image and profile”.

Elliot Ward, Chief Exec, Preston Vision

"Offering appropriate facilities for vehicular parking can be difficult and The Preston Tram Project should offer a new approach to travelling to and from work. I have every confidence that the Guild Line will be well used by many of our staff."

Paul Holland, Governor HMP Preston

"Convenient and economic transport throughout the city is key to the prosperity of many retail enterprises and we are wholly supportive of the plans. It acts as a symbol of Preston's progression as a City and provide a catalyst for further investment in public transport services."

Edwin J Booth DL, Chairman, E.H Booth & Co Limited

"Having received information regarding the Preston and future Central Lancashire Tram Network, coupled with being a proud Prestonian, I would like to express support for the project both personally and on behalf of Enterprise.

"I believe the tramway could add real value to the local transport infrastructure and quite simply, it will relieve the congestion in the city in addition to helping to reduce carbon emissions."

Owen McLaughlin, Founder, Enterprise Plc

"The Preston tramway being planned by the Trampower team is one of the most innovative projects to date. This project will relieve congestion, improve air quality, and regenerate along the corridor and the city of Preston itself.

The Transport Minister, Norman Baker, has made it clear that this is an important project, as it delivers many environmental and congestion benefits at virtually no cost to local authorities.

“It would be good therefore if all parties would co-operate to make this happen.It would also be fantastic if it could be open during the 2012 Guild year, truly making Preston a European city.”

Jim Harkins, Secretary of the All Parliamentary Light Rail Group